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Darling Doll Attire


Our Story:

Why Us?

Glory Lahti started sewing doll clothes and Annabel wanted to learn how to sew, so she joined her. After that they decided to have a booth at the Young Entrepreneurs Marketplace put on my Young Americans Center for Financial Education in 2011. Their first sale was a great success! So, their younger sibling Faith Lahti and Sophia Schwarz joined them. They soon found out that sewing clothes wasn't for them, so faith moved on to sewing bedding sets, and Sophia became in charge of public relations. Now Annabel and Sophia's younger sister Olivia has joined in the fun, and is learning how to sew. 

  • Re-purposed materials (Most of our products are made with re-purposed fabric.)
  • Supporting young Entrepreneurs
  • Supporting small, local businesses.
  • High-quality products. 
  • Unique items. (Most of the products you see will never be made again without a custom order.)

Meet the Team

Annabel Schwarz

   Annabel's desire for Darling Doll Attire is to create clothes for little girl's dolls, from adorable outfits to stylish accessories, and almost everything in between. Annabel loves being home schooled along with her other siblings. Last year she started taking college classes along with her high-school classes. And, is entering her Senior year of high school this fall. Other than sewing, she loves snowboarding, hiking, swimming, reading, and drawing.

Glory Lahti

  Glory enjoys creating numerous dresses, outfits, and accessories for Darling Doll Attire. The second oldest of five home schooled siblings, she just finished her first year of college.  She also learned organ through a scholarship with American Guild of Organists this summer, and now enjoys playing on a regular basis. She also enjoys art, hiking, reading, and jewelry making.

Grace Lahti

  Grace's vision for DDA is to tell stories that captivate and inform little imaginations. "Clary" is her first book and she has very exciting plans for the next one. Grace's favorite part of sewing doll clothes is using her imagination and making very unusual outfits. She also loves taking human clothes and finding creative ways to make them into doll sized ones. She is the oldest of five siblings and graduated college with a B.A. in liberal studies. Her other interests include art (she illustrated "Clary"), music (she teaches piano:
www.gracemelodypiano.com), history, science, backpacking, and nutrition/herbal medicine.

Sophia Schwarz

Sophia takes the efforts of all of those at Darling Doll Attire, and tries to bring them to as many people as possible through our Facebook page, Pinterest account, and Newsletter. She is the middle child of five, and enjoys being home schooled. This fall she will be starting her freshman year of high school, and her second year in competitive speech and debate. Some of the things she enjoys include writing, history

Faith Lahti

Faith sets all the dolls imaginative play to rest with her colorful bedding sets as well as night chests complete with a nightgown, journal, and slippers.  She loves the simplicity of choosing colors that coordinate well with each other and making a special bed-set to end the day of play. But, she has also recently got back into sewing outfits for the dolls. She also loves reading, hiking, and art.