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Darling Doll Attire



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  1. What dolls will these clothes fit?

    All of our clothes fit 18" American Girl dolls. They will also fit most other 18" dolls. The main difference is in waist size and most other dolls' waists are smaller, therefore our clothes will fit them without too much extra room.

    The shorter dresses will also fit Bitty Babies or other 15" dolls.

  2. Do you accept custom orders?

    Yes, just let us know that you want a custom order, tell us what you want (or we can send you our catalog of everything we've ever made), and we will work with you to create the perfect outfit.

  3. Can you repair dolls other than American Girl?

    We might be able to fix other brands of dolls. We would have to look at how they are made in order to be sure.

  4. Do you sew all of this?

    Yes, there are five of us girls who sew. We each have our own unique style bringing you a wide range of products, including outfits, bedding, and accessories.

  5. What is your price range?

    Outfits range from $15 - $25.

    Acessories are $5

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