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About the Book: Clary is a bright, thoughtful girl who lives in "the coziest, homiest cabin" in the mountains with her fun-loving family. She is the second oldest of six siblings. They have good times and crazy names for most things. But what happens on a "bad" day? What if Mom gets called away to help a sick friend? Can life go on without her? Clary's story looks at contentment, home, family, conflict resolution, and more, through the engaging voice of an introspective nine-year-old girl.

About the Author/Illustrator: Grace is a bit like Clary in some ways. She's introspective and thoughtful and (obviously) enjoys telling stories. She also loves drawing, music, sewing, movie-making, travel, adventure, history, natural medicine, and a lot of other things. She is the oldest of five siblings and has just graduated college with her B.A. in Liberal Studies. She plans to get her Masters degree in Herbology someday soon.

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